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Original Song titled “Grandma’s Groove” by Albion Cross

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Albion Cross performing an original song titled “One Last Time”. For bookings or CD information contact Marquis Media Promotions

“Seize every opportunity along the way, for how sad it would be if the road you chose became the road not taken.”
Supporting the Pittsburgh/Tri-State Area

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Tri-State Area Outreach Magazine created and published by Marquis Media Trends is a new Pittsburgh suburbs based online magazine supporting the Pittsburgh and surrounding tri-State area. 

Through positive content and stories relating to our area, we hope to showcase all the great qualities that the Pittsburgh/Tri-State area has to offer.  From our citizens, and many businesses, to our attractions, events, and the many charity organizations who’s staff and volunteers work so hard at helping the people in our communities. 

Our staff and our contributing writers are all from the local area and believe whole heartedly in our purpose to fully support the place we call home.  Although we are relatively small now, we have a professional team of writers who have a passion for what they do and work hard at bringing the Pittsburgh/Tri-State area great stories which relate to the local communities! 

We aim to seek out, and, show recognition, and, gratitude to those who are doing things out of the goodness of their hearts to help others, and make a true difference in our communities.  We realize how many people are doing great things but are rarely recognized for their efforts so we are working to show these outstanding citizens of our communities that we do appreciate what they do.

We aim to support all areas of life and, with that being said, the content you will find at the Tri-State Area Outreach magazine ranges from local stories about our local businesses, events, attractions, sports teams & their athletes, students who are excelling, and going above and beyond to do well while staying focused on their future by staying out of trouble & making great strides to being successful and contributing to our communities.  

We also show support to local charities who do so much for those who are in need these days with the troubling economy and who just don’t have the resources needed to make ends meet.

We are currently seeking writers who are willing to contribute to join our efforts and grow with us who have a love of the Pittsburgh/Tri-State area as their home and love to help others! 

Interested candidates should reply to: 


phone: (724) 624-2402 (Brian)

skype: brian.hernandez1970

Serious Inquiries Only Please!

Visit us on the web at Tri-State Area Outreach Magazine

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